Sentences with 'fervently'

Example sentences and phrases with the word fervently and other words derived from it.

« In May 1995, when his wife of 23 years was diagnosed with stomach cancer, he prayed for her more fervently than ever. »
« The first new party, the small and politically weak Liberty Party, founded in 1840, was a single-issue party, like many that followed. Its members were abolitionists who fervently believed that slavery was evil and had to be ended, and that the best way to achieve this was by political means. »
« Supporters of antislavery fervently opposed its westward expansion because, they argued, slavery would degrade white labour and reduce its value, cast a stigma on hard-working whites, and deprive them of the opportunity for economic advancement. »
« Southern expansionists had led the drive to add more territory to the United States. They applauded the Louisiana Purchase and fervently supported Indian removal, the annexation of Texas and the Mexican-American War. »

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