6 sentences with 'fervour'

Example sentences and phrases with the word fervour and other words derived from it.

« The most important voyages of discovery of the early modern period were undertaken by agents of the Spanish monarchy, beginning with that of Christopher Columbus in 1492. They were inspired as much by religious fervour as by a practical desire for riches. »
« The new fervour led to a revival of religious orders focused on reaching out to the common people rather than remaining sequestered from the public in monasteries and convents. »
« To understand what happened it is worth noting that two events weakened the nation's fervour for independence: »
« In Northampton, Massachusetts, Jonathan Edwards led another explosion of evangelical fervour. »
« In 1776, the fervour of the Revolution led New Jersey revolutionaries to draft a constitution extending the right to vote to unmarried women who owned 50 pounds worth of property. »
« Expansionist fervour propelled the United States into war with Mexico in 1846. »

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