6 sentences with 'magic'

Example sentences and phrases with the word magic and other words derived from it.

« Few suspected that the man, a lover of the magic and mystery of childhood, had been so unhappy in his own. »
« The magic five-dollar figure was reached by adding a "profit-sharing" bonus, which should be earned, to the basic pay. »
« To cure himself, primitive man took magic potions, underwent rituals that purified him and surrendered himself to the power of witches and sorcerers. »
« When medicine was still mixed with magic, people used the essence of plants both to invoke divinities and to improve their psycho-physical state. »
« Of course, in ancient times health and magic went hopelessly hand in hand. There was no point in adhering to the precepts of a healthy life if the gods were against one. »
« The Egyptian Book of the Dead is composed of prayers, magic spells, incantations and mythological tales that relate to death and the afterlife. »
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