Sentences with 'magazines'

Example sentences and phrases with the word magazines and other words derived from it.

« Cheap newspapers, magazines and books became commonplace during the eighteenth century, which in turn aided the steady growth of literacy rates. »
« While Mussolini was often praised in the foreign press, including in American newspapers and magazines, for such achievements as making (a few) Italian trains run on time, in the long run the Fascist government proved to be inefficient and often totally ineffective. »
« She is a model, but perhaps she never thought that one day her image would be in magazines, chosen to advertise the quality of a certain product, or wearing beautiful dresses. »
« In the 18th century, however, a wealth of magazines, books, pamphlets and other publications became available to readers on both sides of the Atlantic. This shared treasure trove of printed material linked members of the Empire by creating a community of shared tastes and ideas. »

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