6 sentences with 'magical'

Example sentences and phrases with the word magical and other words derived from it.

« Maurice Hamonneau already knew that magical feeling. »
« Good nutrition was supplemented with almost magical herbs. »
« From the perspective of the ancient Mesopotamians, there was little to distinguish religious and magical practices from 'real' science in the modern sense. Their goals were the same, and the Mesopotamians actively experimented to develop both systems in tandem. »
« These mystery religions shared the belief that the universe was full of magical enchantments that could lead to spiritual salvation or eternal life itself. In many ways, they were more like magical cults than traditional religions. »
« It is a magical place with a view across the delta to the mausoleum of the Aga Khan. »
« As a mother, I wonder what is this magical, ineffable attribute that the little ones see in their father: is it the strength of his hands, which gives them full confidence that they will not fall when he throws them in the air? Is it the calm he imposes after a noisy quarrel, when he asks everyone their reasons before passing judgement? »

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