10 sentences with 'tell'

Example sentences and phrases with the word tell and other words derived from it.

« -If you were my brother, I would tell you to have it done right now. »
« I decided to tell my colleagues the news during our weekly work meeting. »
« From the look on my colleagues' faces, I could tell that many of them thought, with dismay or pleasure, that I was going to announce my resignation. »
« Having to tell a parent that their child will probably not make a full recovery is the most painful part of my job. I prayed to God that this would not be necessary in Chris's case. »
« "To tell you the truth, I was afraid of it myself." »
« I could tell he was sniffing quail because he would raise his head slightly as he passed them. »
« What's wrong with this foolish dog, I asked myself, why doesn't he do what I tell him to do? »
« In September, finally, I had to tell my father that this prey animal was not going to hunt. »
« They tell the story of a mother goddess (Ishtar) who descends to the world of the dead to seek the sacred elixir that will bring her son and her husband, Tammuz, back to life. »
« People who have incredible things to tell, and who are surprisingly consistent in their accounts. »

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