6 sentences with 'telling'

Example sentences and phrases with the word telling and other words derived from it.

« He still wasn't telling Mari that they were suddenly out $15 million, but he felt he had another obligation to fulfill first: finish reading Hana's story. »
« When he starts kissing my neck or telling me I look pretty, I know what's coming next. »
« "And you know I'm telling the truth! You called Mr. Fitweiler an old miser and said you were going to dynamite him after gorging yourself on heroin!" »
« At this point, the heart could betray the soul, telling the god all the sins its owner had committed in life. »
« The technician who came to check the broken computer was telling us jokes about software viruses when he finally discovered what the fault was. Then he turned to look at us, and very seriously pronounced the diagnosis: "This is a typical case of monitornucleosis. »
« Of course, I was crazy about her, but I had a bad habit of telling her so. Every time I did, she walked away from me. She was there on holiday, not in search of gawking and promises of eternal love. »

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