7 sentences with 'tells'

Example sentences and phrases with the word tells and other words derived from it.

« -When you left," he tells me, "they searched our cell and took everything we had. I had to write your name and address scratching on the wall, so I wouldn't forget them. »
« The Gospel according to Luke is the only one that tells the parable of Jesus about the prodigal son who left his home and squandered his inheritance, yet was gladly received by his father when he returned home. »
« The Gospel according to John is the only one that tells of Jesus turning water into wine at the wedding at Cana. »
« Mexican orchestra conductor Luis Herrera de la Fuente tells how he got started in this profession: »
« -Press it without flattening," he tells me. The dough contains millions of tiny bubbles. »
« The pianist tells anecdotes about Chopin and Liszt, and then gets into action, combining dazzlingly difficult pieces with others that everyone recognises without difficulty. No one coughs or moves, until Chopin's Heroic Polonaise brings everyone to their feet. »
« Whenever someone tells me that no one likes him, I always end up wondering how many people he likes. »
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