6 sentences with 'gradual'

Example sentences and phrases with the word gradual and other words derived from it.

« Although still highly decentralised by the standards of later periods, the kingdoms began the gradual process of transformation into more organised states. »
« From the late 17th century and culminating in the 18th century, many kingdoms saw the gradual elimination of the common lands that had been an essential economic safety net for the peasantry in previous centuries. »
« Those who had witnessed his gradual physical deterioration were saddened by the tragic decision. But he did not let it bring him down. »
« But the pharmaceutical treasure of the rainforest is being lost to the destruction of this habitat and the gradual disappearance of tribal cultures. »
« Two instruments made it possible to broaden democracy: the gradual extension of the right to vote; the multiplication of representative bodies. »
« The gradual decline of the Federalist Party is evident in its losses in the presidential contests between 1800 and 1820. »

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