7 sentences with 'gradually'

Example sentences and phrases with the word gradually and other words derived from it.

« It was a good starting point for Freud, who gradually came to favour the study of unconscious psychic processes with the help of verbalised free association. »
« Fox recommends starting with one set of each (10 to 20 repetitions), and gradually increasing them. »
« From the lower Rhine valley, the Franks gradually expanded into northern Gaul in the late 5th century. »
« The importance of the Republic of Science cannot be overstated, for the continuous exchange of ideas and fact-checking among experts allowed science to progress gradually and continuously. »
« Throughout the 18th century, Latin gradually declined as a practical language of learning, being replaced by the major vernacular languages, especially French and English. »
« Thus, despite opposition from conservatives, much of Europe was slowly and gradually liberalised in the period from 1815 to 1848. »
« Bernstein was still a socialist, but he wanted the Social Democratic Party of Germany to build socialism gradually; he called his theory "revisionism". »

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