7 sentences with 'cause'

Example sentences and phrases with the word cause and other words derived from it.

« The results of my first AEP test after surgery were cause for rejoicing. »
« What was the cause of this misfortune? The police suspect that the cause was a moment of distraction while driving. »
« Finally, tests revealed the cause: the boy had a brain stem tumor. »
« On such a calm night, the only possible cause for the creaking of the boat was a current from the sea. »
« So lunch was the time when the important issues of his policy were resolved, and when General Motors began to cause increasing declines in Ford's sales in the 1920s, the obvious after-dinner topic was the future of the Model T. However, it was rarely the time to discuss the future of the Model T that came up. »
« It was difficult to specify the cause of death: gastric cancer, liver cancer and ulcers. »
« In some people, barbiturates cause muscle, nerve or joint pain. Sometimes they also cause restlessness and delirium. »
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