8 sentences with 'caused'

Example sentences and phrases with the word caused and other words derived from it.

« The unexpected pressure caused him to contract the finger resting on the trigger. The gun went off. »
« Who caused the walls of Jericho to collapse? »
« For this physician, disease was caused by a weakening of blood flow caused by misalignment of the spine. »
« But the most innovative way to combat the problems caused by contractures is rolfing. This technique was not created by chance. »
« Stress is considered to be a typical malaise of our times, caused by overwork and worry. »
« It should be noted that the damage caused by tobacco is even greater in the case of indirect smoke, the smoke that floods the air from the end of the cigarette, as combustion is greater and the resulting spectrum of carcinogenic tars is proportionally greater. »
« The stomach suffers from gastritis caused by the destruction of mucous membranes caused by alcohol, as do the kidneys and pancreas, not to mention alcoholic polyneuritis resulting from the poisoning of peripheral nerves. »
« In ancient India and pre-Columbian America it was held, as in Mesopotamia, that tooth decay was caused by a sinister worm nesting in man's teeth. »

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