6 sentences with 'cautious'

Example sentences and phrases with the word cautious and other words derived from it.

« She was a very cautious driver, and rarely went through intersections where there was no traffic light. »
« Although medicine is now cautious about returns from the dead, the testimonies are all too consistent to deny a mystery that, perhaps, is not so mysterious. »
« Something could go wrong at some point. And therein lay the shrewdness of his plan: no one would see in it the cautious and patient hand of Erwin Martin, head of the F&S company's archive department, of whom Mr. Fitweiler, his boss, once said, "The man is fallible, but Martin is not." »
« Tiberius began his rule as a cautious leader who was only reluctant to follow in the footsteps of Augustus as emperor. »
« In those days in 1938, the Science News Letter told its readers about this astonishing event and, overcome by the content of the news, could hardly advise them to be cautious in the wilderness. »
« The use of animals to try to explain organic reactions in humans is frequent and of great value," explains Dr. Ricardo Calandra of the Institute of Biology and Experimental Medicine of Buenos Aires, "although we must be cautious in extending the results of such experiments to human beings. »

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