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Example sentences and phrases with the word theology and other words derived from it.

« One of the tasks undertaken by monks was the careful copying by hand of books, almost all of them related to Christian theology (e.g. the Bible itself, commentaries by important Christian leaders, etc.), but some of them were classical Greek or Roman writings that would otherwise have been lost. »
« The fundamental belief of medieval Christians was that the Church as an institution was the only way to spiritual salvation. It was far less important for a Christian to understand any of the details of Christian theology than it was to participate in Christian worship and, more importantly, to receive the sacraments administered by the clergy. »
« Numerous priests not only knew Latin and had a profound knowledge of Christian theology, but made great strides in considering, debating and explaining the nuances of Christian thought. »
« Finally, the four types of doctorates, the PhD (doctor of philosophy), the JD (doctor of jurisprudence, i.e. law), the ThD (doctor of theology, a priest) and the MD (doctor of medicine), were derived from medieval degrees. »
« In practice, there was a shift in the practical business of education from medieval scholasticism, which focused on law, medicine and theology, to disciplines related to business and politics. »
« Having developed the essentials of his theology, Luther then confronted what he saw as the most flagrant abuse of church authority: indulgences. »
« In Geneva, Calvin began to work on Christian theology and soon established close ties with the city council. The result of his work was Calvinism, a distinct Protestant denomination that differed in many respects from Lutheranism. »
« After developing his theology and winning many converts, Calvin colluded with the city council of Geneva to enforce a whole set of moral laws regulating almost every aspect of behaviour. »
« Christian thinkers therefore embraced the Aristotelian model in part because it fitted Christian theology so well: God and the angels were on the outside of the more distant crystal sphere in a state of total perfection, while humans and the devil were in, or inside in the case of Satan, the imperfect world. »

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