Sentences with 'theologians'

Example sentences and phrases with the word theologians and other words derived from it.

« The beginning of orthodoxy was in the second and third centuries, when a group of theologians held that there were three persons or states of the divine being, called the Holy Trinity. »
« Girls were to read specific texts drawn from the Bible, the "Church Fathers" (important theologians in early Church history), and classical Greek and Roman writers that emphasised morality, modesty and obedience. »
« Is there proof? According to some theologians, modern science presents an increasingly convincing model of the way the world works. Therefore, if religion is to remain intellectually honest, it must reconcile its conception of God with the universal laws of nature. »
« Matthias Joseph Scheeben, one of the most renowned Christian theologians, wrote: "It is a doctrine of faith that humanity, by the sin of Adam, became a prisoner and slave of the devil. As, in its entirety, represented by its chief Adam, it was overcome by the Devil, is subject to him, belongs to him, and now constitutes the sum of his subjects on earth." »

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