6 sentences with 'markedly'

Example sentences and phrases with the word markedly and other words derived from it.

« This gave him confidence, and his technique improved markedly. »
« Muslims were less tolerant of Zoroastrianism because it did not venerate the God of Abraham and its traditions were markedly different from those of Judaism and Christianity. Also, as Muslim rule over Persia was consolidated over time, the practical need to respect Zoroastrianism as the majority religion of the Persian people weakened. »
« This is where Saharan sand has been moving through the atmosphere for as long as the world has existed. Meanwhile, cloud formation over these areas is infinitely less now (of course, they were always areas of markedly low rainfall). »
« Each group was given a certain score and the lengthy test was then repeated, but the room groups were changed. The results varied markedly: the place where violent music was played gave - without exception - the lowest scores in the test. »
« How can one demand loyalty to a state from individuals who feel they are only part of their own cultural group, who speak a language, profess a religion and have customs that, in many cases, differ markedly from those proposed by the central state? »
« Among the different perspectives on this issue, two express markedly different positions. »

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