8 sentences with 'market'

Example sentences and phrases with the word market and other words derived from it.

« But the time came when the market for high-capacity computers declined, and the public began to demand smaller, cheaper systems. »
« In Taiwan, the value of the domestic furniture market, now worth $1 billion, is expected to double in three years. »
« Later, when Ricker returned to the real estate market, he hired Cabrera as his company's managing director. »
« The traditional high-profit market was affluent consumers, but Ford believed there was a much larger and potentially richer market elsewhere. »
« When the car finally came on the market in October 1908, orders poured in. »
« After World War I, Ford would conquer such dominance in the automobile market that half of the world's cars would be Model T's. »
« Women who did not belong to the elite had more freedom in the sense that they had to work, so they often sold goods in the market or helped to run the shops. »
« Skilled craftsmen produced high quality goods for sale in an empire-wide market, and better-off citizens had access to quality tools, crockery, bedding, etc., many of which had been manufactured hundreds of miles away. »

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