7 sentences with 'persecuted'

Example sentences and phrases with the word persecuted and other words derived from it.

« However, many Jews and Christians considered Arab rule preferable to Byzantine rule, because the Byzantine government had actively persecuted religious dissidents and the Arabs had not. Also, taxes were lower under the Arabs compared to Byzantium. »
« Philip II fiercely persecuted the Moriscos, the converted descendants of Spanish Muslims, and forced them to hand over their children to Catholic schools for education. »
« Mary and Philip persecuted the Anglicans, but Mary died after only five years (r. 1553 - 1558) without an heir. Her sister, Elizabeth, rejected Philip's marriage proposal and joined the Anglican cause. »
« First, Louis XIV relentlessly persecuted religious minorities, persecuting several small groups of religious dissidents but focusing most of his attention and ire on the Huguenots. »
« Liberals were persecuted and harassed, and Spain was essentially ruled by an arch-conservative order for the next few decades. »
« In the Middle Ages, Jews were frequently persecuted, expelled or even massacred by the surrounding Christian majority. »
« As the main hallucinogen of the New World, peyote (Lophophora williamsii) was the one most persecuted by the Catholic Church. Rich in alkaloids such as mescaline, the characteristic effect of this cactus is the appearance of highly coloured images. »

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