9 sentences with 'persecution'

Example sentences and phrases with the word persecution and other words derived from it.

« And, of course, the religious power structure received the approval and support of the royal state in the process, until the only campaigns of religious persecution against non-Zoroastrians in Persian history. »
« The persecution of Christians became a potent symbol for Christianity as a whole. More than a thousand years later, as Christianity took hold as the religion of Europe, the trope of martyrdom was still used to explain righteous suffering. »
« Likewise, Jews found that they were generally better off in Muslim lands than in Christian kingdoms because of their safety from official persecution. Jews became vital scholars, bankers and merchants throughout the caliphate. »
« The best known Calvinists in the American context were the Puritans, English Calvinists who left Europe (initially fleeing persecution) to try to create a perfect Christian community in the New World. »
« While some pragmatic alliances between Protestant groups would eventually arise due to persecution or war, for the most part each Protestant denomination claimed to have exclusive access to religious truth, regarding all others as hopelessly ignorant and, indeed, doomed to hell. »
« Loyola's Spiritual Exercises were based on an imaginary re-enactment of the persecution and death of Christ which, when followed, led many new members of the Jesuits to experience an emotional and spiritual awakening. »
« It was not just Catholic intolerance. While the Catholic Inquisition is an iconic institution in the history of persecution, most Protestants were equally hostile to Catholics. »
« Within English society there were also numerous Catholics, most of whom remained quite clandestine in their worship for fear of persecution. »
« Britain came to have the largest settler population among Europeans in North America in the 17th century because English religious dissenters, the Puritans, fled persecution by the Anglican state and began settling by the thousands in Massachusetts in the 1620s (this was during the period under James I and Charles I before the English Civil War). »

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