5 sentences with 'scribal'

Example sentences and phrases with the word scribal and other words derived from it.

« Fortunately for the Egyptian state, however, the backbone of day-to-day politics was the huge bureaucracy that was composed of the scribal class. »
« That said, the bureaucracy was something like the ancient Egyptian scribal class, men who maintained consistency and order within the government even when some emperors were incompetent or palace intrigues made an emperor unable to focus on government. »
« The invention of the printing press was also a huge leap forward in the long-term vision of human technology as a whole, as the scribal tradition had been in place since the creation of writing itself. »
« Likewise, once new printing presses were built in cities and towns outside Meinz, it became cheaper to buy a printed Bible than one written in the scribal tradition. »
« By 1500, some fifty years after its invention, the printing press had largely replaced the scribal tradition of book production. »

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