Sentences with 'scriptures'

Example sentences and phrases with the word scriptures and other words derived from it.

« Scholasticism was the rigorous application of the methods of logic, originally developed by Aristotle, to the Christian scriptures. And, as the cathedral schools of the late Middle Ages increasingly relied on scholasticism to train and teach new priests, it spread rapidly throughout Europe. »
« Professor Yigael Yadin announced the completion of the study of the famous "Temple Scroll", almost ten metres long, which contains a new version of the laws given by God to Moses. Among them are the Ten Commandments, but the text is not part of the holy scriptures. »
« Like Luther, French lawyer John Calvin advocated making the Bible accessible to ordinary people; only by reading the scriptures and reflecting daily on their spiritual condition, he argued, could believers begin to understand the power of God. »
« Calvinists believed that reading the scriptures prepared sinners, if they were among the elect, to receive God's grace. »

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