8 sentences with 'heresy'

Example sentences and phrases with the word heresy and other words derived from it.

« At that time, most Christians blamed polytheism and heresy for the fall of Rome: it was the wrath of God applied to a sinful society. »
« In the past, although the Church did its best to stamp out heresy, it was not necessary to impose any formal censorship. No written material could be mass-produced, so the only ideas that spread quickly did so by word of mouth. »
« The Inquisition existed to search for signs of heresy, including Protestantism, in areas under Catholic control. »
« Inquisitions had existed since the Middle Ages - the first was in 1184 and targeted a heretical movement in southern France - but they were always short-term responses to heresy. Under Paul III, the Inquisition became a permanent part of the Church. »
« The popes who followed Paul III were similar in their approach to re-emphasising orthodoxy and creating institutions to combat heresy. »
« Philip II also held conversos, the converted descendants of Spanish Jews, on suspicion of continuing to practice Judaism in secret, with the Spanish Inquisition frequently trying conversos on suspicion of heresy. »
« Specifically, Galileo was accused of supporting a condemned doctrine, heliocentrism, not of heresy per se. »
« So it is a sin of heresy (heresy means in disagreement with dogma) to doubt the existence of diabolical power. »

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