8 sentences with 'facilities'

Example sentences and phrases with the word facilities and other words derived from it.

« When drug use increased among students in the late 1960s, I moved from the bucolic environment of Penn State to New York University, with its new semi-urban facilities, in Buffalo. »
« Roman facilities such as aqueducts and baths were built and roads were constructed linking the province to the rest of the empire. »
« The only efficient way to grow sugar was through proto-industrialised plantations with waste processing facilities built to extract raw sugar from sugar cane. That, in turn, required an enormous amount of dangerous and back-breaking labour. »
« By the late autumn of 1941, killing facilities were under construction at the Majdanek and Auschwitz concentration camps, both built as slave labour camps in 1940. There, the first experiments with the infamous pesticide Zyklon B were carried out on Russian prisoners of war. »
« The heyday of the Holocaust was therefore surprisingly short. It lasted from the beginning of 1942, when the extermination facilities were put into operation, until the late summer of 1943, a period of little more than a year in which 50% of the Jewish victims of the Holocaust itself were murdered. The main reason for this incredible speed is that Poland's ghettos were emptied into extermination camps. »
« At the same time, the Nazi death camps were never intended to be permanent: there were no large-scale slave labour facilities and only a handful of Jews were kept alive upon arrival to slave for the guards and to burn the bodies of their fellow victims after they were gassed. »
« The doctors' banks send them to hospitals that lack well-trained staff and modern equipment, and whose facilities and sanitary measures generally do not meet minimum standards. »
« In early 1990, after a torrent of domestic and foreign criticism, the German government hired Professor Werner Richarz of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology to rule on whether the German facilities in the city of Samarra had been purpose-built for the manufacture of chemical weapons. Richarz stated categorically that it had, adding that, thanks to German technology, Iraq was now able to manufacture the poison gas tabun and prussic acid, which is used to destroy gas mask filters. »

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