7 sentences with 'facilitate'

Example sentences and phrases with the word facilitate and other words derived from it.

« This changed dramatically in 212 CE when the emperor Caracalla extended citizenship to all free men and women (to facilitate tax collection). This was an important event because it extended Roman law to almost everyone in the empire. »
« Sharing these fundamental characteristics, Western European governments sought to facilitate trade across borders by forming federalist bodies designed to facilitate economic cooperation. »
« Psychologist Thomas Berndt warns: "Kids can't cultivate friendships unless they meet frequently. Circumstances may require the parent to facilitate meetings. »
« Some 20 centuries ago, Pliny the Elder, a Roman naturalist, proposed the theory that geese flew in a pointed formation to facilitate their progress. »
« Blood flow increases in the muscles long before they show electrical activity, which will then facilitate rapid action, should it be necessary. »
« Similarly, in order to facilitate the contraction of the muscles of the limbs, the ligaments that control the organs of the digestive system relax. »
« After being defeated, Lavalle met with Rosas in CaƱuelas in June 1829. There they signed a pact to put an end to the fighting and facilitate the election of a new governor, to whom the troops of both would be subordinated. »

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