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Example sentences and phrases with the word secure and other words derived from it.

« Philip II was also a tactical innovator. He found a way to secure the loyalty of his nobles by organising them into elite cavalry units that pledged allegiance to him, and he proudly led his troops personally into battle. »
« The Abbasid caliphs enforced fair trade practices and used their well-trained armies primarily to secure good trade routes, to enforce fair tax collection and to quell occasional rebellions. »
« kings could secure approval by rewarding loyalty with additional titles, gifts, land and promises of no future tax changes. »
« From 1438 onwards, the rich and powerful Austrian Habsburg family was able to secure the title and make it virtually hereditary because they were always able to offer the highest bribes to the electors. »
« It was not an elaborate game: anyone who wanted to "get" something from the royal government (e.g. have a son appointed as an army officer, join an elite royal academy of scholars, secure a lucrative royal pension, serve as a diplomat abroad, etc.) had to convince the king and his officials that he was witty, poised, elegant and respected at court. »
« After the Glorious Revolution, England's legislators felt sufficiently secure from royal attempts to seize power illegally that they were willing to increase the size and power of government and to levy new taxes. »
« By 1787, it was clear that the financial situation was simply unsustainable and the monarchy had to secure more revenue, somehow. The king did not know what to do. »
« In some territories, notably French North Africa and parts of British West Africa, while colonial administrations were racist and hugely secure in their own cultural dominance, they generally embarked on building at least some modern infrastructure and establishing educational institutions open to the 'natives' (although, as in the British raj in India, Europeans jealously guarded their own authority everywhere). »

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