6 sentences with 'secured'

Example sentences and phrases with the word secured and other words derived from it.

« Finally, everything was to be secured with adhesive cloth. »
« He had also secured a part-time job with the Spanish Ornithological Society (SEO), which had a strong interest in both nature conservation and the Coto DoƱana refuge. »
« Walden and Werner solicited donations from corporations and secured transportation on planes that had carried refugees to the United States and were returning empty to the Far East. »
« Julius Caesar's victories made him famous and immensely powerful, and secured the loyalty of his battle-hardened troops. »
« Although Savonarola was executed in 1493, Botticelli did not continue to produce art at the same rate as he did before the 1490s. By then, of course, he had already secured his place in art history as one of the leading figures in Renaissance painting. »
« From 1799 to 1802, he defeated Austrian and British forces and secured a peace treaty from both powers, which lasted long enough for him to organise a new grand strategy to conquer not only all of continental Europe, but also (he hoped) Britain. That treaty lasted until late 1805, when a new coalition of Britain, Austria and Russia was formed to oppose him. »

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