6 sentences with 'captives'

Example sentences and phrases with the word captives and other words derived from it.

« Cities fought each other for territory, captives and wealth, but rarely managed to conquer other cities completely. »
« They had the same policy with war captives, often settling them as farmers among the Egyptians. This ensured rapid acculturation and helped bring foreign talent to Egypt. »
« More common was the practice of taking slaves in war, and one of the effects of Greek victories in the Persian War was that thousands of Persian captives were taken as slaves. »
« The Aztecs did not rule their subjects directly but demanded a steady stream of tribute, including captives destined for human sacrifice. Needless to say, the Aztecs were not popular with their subjects. »
« Although the plan of the Desert Campaign could not be completely fulfilled, what was accomplished by the division led by Rosas managed to rescue many captives and cattle, extend the frontier line and prevent new invasions by the Indians. »
« Male captives were forced to build coastal fortifications and serve as galley slaves. Women were added to the harem. »

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