7 sentences with 'captive'

Example sentences and phrases with the word captive and other words derived from it.

« We get down on all fours to observe the captive animal, which begins to bellow. »
« Many of these sultans sought recognition from the captive caliphs as a form of spiritual and political currency, but the end result is that the caliphs themselves exercised no political authority of their own. »
« A striking example is Belgium, where only women who were widowed, lost children or were held captive during the war were initially granted the vote. »
« Hal Markowitz, a biologist at the University of San Francisco, USA, has an unusual occupation: combating "boredom" in captive animals. »
« "Unable to guide their own lives - eating, hunting, mating freely - captive monkeys tend to develop abnormal behaviour, with attitudes that on the whole can be compared to those of humans in confinement: a feeling of futility, in which nothing they do really matters," says the scientist. »
« "So, what news do you have, paisano? -None," he replied. -But, man," I added, astonished, "don't you know that the Paraguayans have invaded the Province of Corrientes with forty thousand men; that they have seized some steamers from us, that they have robbed, set fire to and taken many families captive? In reply he exclaimed, with the customary tune: "It's a good thing they won't get here! »
« The local Yamasee and Creek tribes accumulated a trade deficit with the English, exchanging deerskins and captive slaves for European weapons. »
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