6 sentences with 'nutritious'

Example sentences and phrases with the word nutritious and other words derived from it.

« In that, people began to associate the word America with the miracle of tasty and nutritious food in the midst of wartime misery. »
« Many nutritious staple crops such as wheat and barley grew naturally in the region. »
« Fruit appeared in markets halfway around the world from where it was grown, and the long-term effect was a more varied (though not always more nutritious) diet. »
« They start her on medication and put her on a nutritious and varied diet. »
« The terrible symptoms of malnutrition seen in children and adolescents not only in Africa but also in Central and South Asia can be alleviated through the use of one of the most nutritious foods known to man: camel milk. »
« You don't just eat: you eat in a certain way, you eat certain foods and not others, you cook them in a special way. Members of our society do not eat ants, but in other societies they are considered a very nutritious food. »

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