6 sentences with 'nutritional'

Example sentences and phrases with the word nutritional and other words derived from it.

« As if this were not enough, in alcoholics there are tremendous nutritional deficiencies and malabsorption or deficits of vital principles, such as proteins, the vitamin B complex, other equally important vitamins, and minerals such as zinc. »
« From a nutritional point of view, gelatine is an incomplete protein because it lacks tryptophan (an essential amino acid in nutrition) and contains insufficient amounts of other essential amino acids. »
« Proteins are a group of nutritional substances of complex constitution and high molecular weight, resulting from the combination of amino acids and their derivatives. »
« "If you eat while watching TV, chances are you won't stop until the program is over," says Nancy Rodriguez, a professor of nutritional sciences. »
« Thus, the overall yield of edible crops increased dramatically. Likewise, with the increased variety, the actual nutritional content of the food improved. »
« The lichens are rather indigestible and of little nutritional value, but they have a lot of vitamin C. »

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