6 sentences with 'listened'

Example sentences and phrases with the word listened and other words derived from it.

« Margaret described the details of the day to the surgeon, and he listened with a smile. »
« Dr. Epstein listened calmly, then explained his reasons for continuing. »
« Back in the United States, a promoter listened to Jon, who was already 27 years old, and asked him many questions about his income and work plans. »
« I began the task of training Jerry again. For a few minutes he listened to me attentively, but then he tore off the handkerchief hanging in my pocket and ran like a deer across the pasture with his head in the wind. Sometimes all I could see was the grass moving in his wake. »
« In classroom number 14 at Meeker Elementary School in Ames, Iowa, 20 sixth graders listened raptly as their teacher read to them. »
« Another such window was music. From the moment I heard a recording of Melancholy Baby, I listened to it many times, never getting bored. »

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