Sentences with 'listens'

Example sentences and phrases with the word listens and other words derived from it.

« Indeed, one of the main problems with asking God for a favour is that he often does not grant it. And when he listens to some and doesn't listen to others, it gives the impression that he plays favourites. Is God unfair, or does it just seem that way? The question is as old as the Book of Job, and believers have since disputed the answer God gives in it, "Who has first given me anything, that I should restore it to him?" »
« Although sceptics dismiss the idea of a personal, transcendent God who listens to prayers, believers still think otherwise. »
« The praise he is most pleased with comes from his aboriginal friends the Tyrians. Koita, a young man who has worked with him long enough to learn a little English, says simply: "Mark listens". »

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