7 sentences with 'become'

Example sentences and phrases with the word become and other words derived from it.

« It is important not to let oneself become despondent, but the couple must cope with the emotional distress. »
« The pain was starting to become intense, but a doctor said that since painkillers lower the pressure, I would have to manage without sedatives until the pressure stabilized. »
« Satiated by a sense of omniscience, brilliant people can become addicted to risk, as happened to former Senator Gary Hart. »
« Spain was determined to become the headquarters of the European Environmental Agency, which was to be established, and the local elections put Andalusia in the public eye. »
« To become more visible, advises William Morin, ask to learn about other aspects of the business. If your boss says he can't spare you, suggest a "temporary exchange" with a colleague in another department. »
« Chad planned to study engineering and become a car designer. »
« With each operation, the scars had become more lumpy and more difficult to penetrate with surgical instruments. He also looked at the thick file on the table. »

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