6 sentences with 'becomes'

Example sentences and phrases with the word becomes and other words derived from it.

« Depression: he distrusts everything he is told, becomes apathetic and begins to feel certain changes within himself, in his psyche. »
« Or the man who becomes impotent with his wife, because for her the only way to get aroused is to fantasize that he is a stud from her college days. »
« 3. Give yourself rewards. To continue your new activity until it becomes second nature, set up a reward system. »
« This garment becomes part of the rider, he explained. »
« Have you noticed that... what they call "congestion" in the underground becomes "atmosphere" in a nightclub? »
« "Some people told me: 'You won't make it, but I did. So if you have a dream, don't give up until it becomes a reality. »

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