6 sentences with 'paradox'

Example sentences and phrases with the word paradox and other words derived from it.

« Here's the paradox: you may feel worse before you feel better. »
« Despite their admiration for Greek culture, there was a paradox in that the Roman elites had their own self-proclaimed 'Roman' virtues, virtues they attributed to the Roman past, which were quite distinct from Greek ideas. »
« Thus, in an ironic historical paradox, some of the world's first "welfare state" provisions were passed by a conservative government to weaken socialism. »
« In historical retrospect, the paradox of a "communist" country that failed so profoundly to achieve its stated goals of freedom, equality and justice has led many people (not just historians) to speculate about what was inherently flawed with the Soviet system. There are many theories, three of which are discussed below. »
« For example, scientists are puzzled by what is known as the "French paradox": the French consume at least as much saturated fat as Americans, yet mortality from heart disease among Gallic men is only 40 per cent that of American men. »
« Let's see what we knew until then. Jesus was born (which not everyone knows) in the year 4 or 5 B.C. Apart from the paradox, this means that the beginning of the Christian era was calculated with a margin of error. »
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