Sentences with 'paradise'

Example sentences and phrases with the word paradise and other words derived from it.

« One of the only aspects of communist ideology that was reflected in the reality of the USSR was that industrial workers, while forced to work in conditions far from the "workers' paradise", were at least spared the worst depredations of the purges and did not face total starvation. »
« Another similarity with Chernobyl, that of the famous Mururoa atoll where France carried out several atomic tests, is a further sign of the horror: "That island, which was a paradise around Tahiti, looks like a gruyere cheese. It will be impossible to live there for ever," say the scientists. »
« We landed, and about 100 copper-skinned Tyrians, or Tiriyós, who had been waiting near an air pocket, ran towards us. The pilot smiled and said, "Welcome to paradise!" »
« On the arduous walk back to the village, amidst the banter with the Indians, Plotkin spotted the hallucinogenic plant he was looking for. "This has been one of many days in paradise," he exclaimed. »

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