6 sentences with 'lecture'

Example sentences and phrases with the word lecture and other words derived from it.

« As I was invited once a month to lecture at other universities, I saw the smoke literally rise from the country's urban ghettos. More than once I returned from a university where students had been dispersed with tear gas to find my own university in full strike mode or cordoned off by police in gas masks. »
« In June 1984, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees invited Julie to lecture on assistance to Africans. »
« He thought for a few moments and then gave me a half-hour lecture on his philosophy about the cowboy hat. »
« The Library of Alexandria also housed lecture halls, representing the pre-eminent site of learning in the Hellenistic world as a whole. »
« In May 1988 he began giving lectures, charging up to $25,000 per lecture. »
« But unfortunately, I replied, I was about to leave for a two-week lecture tour. »

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