6 sentences with 'lectures'

Example sentences and phrases with the word lectures and other words derived from it.

« Often, at the end of Mr Mack's lectures, students throw their packs in the bin. "Enough, I've smoked enough!" they often exclaim. »
« The Council of Florence featured public lectures on Greek philosophy, art exhibitions and a huge ecclesiastical council that brought together representatives of the Latin and Eastern Orthodox Churches in a (doomed) attempt to heal the schism dividing Christianity. »
« In May 1988 he began giving lectures, charging up to $25,000 per lecture. »
« Even so, between his research and his job as administrator of the DMAFT, he made time to give a series of lectures in China. »
« He lectures at universities, societies and companies of all kinds. For example, he gave talks to IBM employees on the role they can play in relation to computers. »
« Analogical understandings - rare in scientists as a rule - are the central theme of his lectures at Harvard, where he is a professor of geology, and of many of his books and hundreds of scientific articles and essays. »

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