6 sentences with 'ours'

Example sentences and phrases with the word ours and other words derived from it.

« The human ear is not so good. This sense of ours is rabidly deaf to ultrasound, can localise the spatial location of sound sources very crudely and, because it eliminates echoes, ignores silent objects. »
« These castaway airmen have become old friends of ours, thought Mrs. Kelly, as her students scattered from one corner of the room to the other. »
« "It's a very curious and playful whale, almost a friend of ours," he said. "She comes up to the vessel we are using for our research and looks us in the eye. »
« The neighbour may be a nuisance, but we have to deal with him because his child and ours are inseparable, or because he gives us water when our pump breaks down. »
« I would spend more time with them while they are young. They are with us physically for about 18 years, but they are ours mentally and emotionally for only a short time. Now I feel let down. -said this mother of two teenagers. »
« Every day he receives a huge sack of letters, too big to deal with in person, from people seeking answers to questions such as: Are there life forms similar to ours in another universe? »

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