7 sentences with 'ourselves'

Example sentences and phrases with the word ourselves and other words derived from it.

« Perhaps our own need to transcend leads us to convince ourselves of an afterlife, be it through religion, philosophy, metaphysics or parapsychology. »
« We'll have to suck it up if the girls get bored, and resign ourselves to the fact that we may never paint the house again. »
« Most of all, we'll have to convince ourselves that sometimes it's much more profitable to slack off than to get swept up in the hustle and bustle of modern life. »
« I suspect that many of us, if we were left alone with our thoughts and feelings, would discover that we are not very good company for ourselves. »
« We should consider ourselves lucky that we didn't get what we wanted, but what we got. If we were smart enough, we would understand that what we have is what we would have wanted if we had known. »
« We have to resign ourselves to dealing with people whose criteria and values differ from our own, and whom, if we lived in a city, we would not deal with. »
« In the dream we were first in the cottage and then, without transition, we both found ourselves outside in the bright sunlight. »
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