8 sentences with 'lesser'

Example sentences and phrases with the word lesser and other words derived from it.

« Traces of infectious diseases and, to a lesser extent, traces of tumour diseases were found in almost all pre- and protohistoric skeletal remains. »
« Bronze was important because it revolutionised warfare and, to a lesser extent, agriculture. »
« Persian images of the kings showed them receiving tribute from other lesser kings who had come to Susa or Persepolis in a show of loyalty and support. »
« The god Ahura Mazda was assisted by lesser gods such as Mithras, god of the sun and rebirth, and Anahita, goddess of water and the cosmos. »
« Historians have rehabilitated much of the rule of Tiberius and (to a lesser extent) Nero in particular, arguing that although they disagreed with the Senate on several occasions and probably unfairly prosecuted at least some senators, they also did a decent job of running the empire. »
« Then, about ten years after taking the throne, Diocletian decided to further divide responsibility and each emperor took on a lesser emperor. This created the tetrarchy, the rule of four. »
« The lesser emperors were the respective heirs of the greater emperors, destined to assume all power when their elders stepped down. When that happened, each new senior emperor selected the younger ones. »
« Frederick the Wise supported and agreed with the views of Martin Luther and also realised that he could benefit from rejecting the authority of the Pope and, to a lesser extent, the Emperor. »

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