7 sentences with 'lessons'

Example sentences and phrases with the word lessons and other words derived from it.

« Their achievements offer lessons that many Latin American cities could apply. »
« -All right," he said, "You'll take ten lessons, then we'll see. »
« He invited me to his hotel the next morning to give me conducting lessons. »
« We had no lessons, no camps, no carefully scheduled sports activities to alternate with high-quality company supplied by Mom and Dad. »
« Jesus' followers, led by the twelve apostles, began to teach his lessons to others, and the new religion of Christianity was born. »
« For centuries, people have tried to draw lessons from the decline and fall of Rome about their own societies, a practice inspired by the question of how such a powerful and, at one time, stable civilisation could disintegrate so completely. »
« German strategists had learned all these lessons, and the German army - the Wehrmacht - struck with overwhelming force, backed by an industrial base designed to withstand a long war. »

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