16 sentences with 'the'

Example sentences and phrases with the word the and other words derived from it.

« Each case of cancer is as individual as the person whose life it threatens. »
« I booked a time at the Prostate Disease Diagnostic Center at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York and had it done. »
« -I have the results of your study," she began. »
« By the age of 36 he was president of Fox Television Stations and Fox News. »
« However, in the summer of 1992 his brilliant career was cut short. »
« As Chao spoke about censorship, the actor he had hired stripped off everything he was carrying. »
« Carlos Martín Novella crouched among the tall reeds and watched the desolate scene. »
« In the distance, ducks hopped and flapped their wings through the mud, again and again, only to fall back onto their backs. »
« They were not the first birds he had seen trying to take flight. »
« To ensure the best and most appropriate for your body. »
« Prof. Dr. Goldzihier, from the University of Houston (Texas, USA), after 30 years of research on women taking contraceptives, assured that these, practically, do not provoke organic alterations and that they maintain an efficacy close to 100%. »
« Undoubtedly, this is the method that has evolved the most. It has changed and improved as much as women have. And today it responds to her image. »
« In the summer of 1992 I decided to go visit James Michener in Brunswick, Maine. »
« Each of the editions was autographed and had the author's initials JAM printed in red. »
« On July 17 I took my family to the simple house where Michener and Mari, his wife, lived. »
« Behind the beautiful poem is the story of a father's love and a son's sacrifice. »

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