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Example sentences and phrases with the word theatre and other words derived from it.

« When we go to the Colón theatre, we are not much better. With our eyes closed and in front of the orchestra playing in full, we intuitively "know" that the violin is behind the piano, the timpani above, the trumpet to the left, but all very sketchily, and, I stress, only if the orchestra deigns to play. That's all we have ears for. »
« But a bat in the theatre laughs at us. Its echolocator not only gives it a representative picture of everything in the hall, but it can clearly distinguish the carnation in the conductor's lapel and perhaps, as a sonically very "bright" spot, the lighter in his tailcoat pocket. And all this the bat picks up very much regardless of whether the orchestra plays "con tutti" or sleeps. »
« By contrast, the Greek approach to philosophy, theatre, history, scientific thought and art remained living legacies even after the Classical Age came to an end. »
« Louis XIV created important theatre companies, founded France's first scientific academy and supported the Académie Française, the body dedicated to preserving the purity of the French language founded earlier by Richelieu (during Louis XIV's reign, the Académie published the first official dictionary of French). »
« Fascists from all over Italy came together in the famous "March on Rome", a highly staged piece of political theatre to demonstrate Fascist unity and strength. Mussolini then set out to destroy Italian democracy from within. »
« Korea had been occupied by Japan since 1910, one of the first countries to be conquered during Japan's attempt to create an empire in East Asia and the Pacific that culminated in the Pacific theatre of World War II. »
« Soon they would return to their busy lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where Thom was a drama teacher and Tracy ran a theatre company. »

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