9 sentences with 'reform'

Example sentences and phrases with the word reform and other words derived from it.

« Ford established the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and promoted hospital reform. »
« Charlemagne's efforts to reform church training and education are referred to by historians as the "Carolingian Renaissance". »
« One notable innovation that emerged during the Carolingian Renaissance is that Charlemagne instituted a major reform of writing, returning to the Roman practice of large, clear letters spaced apart and sentences using spaces and punctuation, rather than the cursive scrawls of the Merovingian period. »
« Finally, a powerful pope, Eugene IV, reconfirmed the absolute power of the papacy in 1431. Thus, this attempt at reform ultimately failed, inadvertently paving the way for more radical criticisms of papal power in the future. »
« They also managed to reform the tax system to gain access to more revenue, especially by taxing trade, so that by 1500 the Spanish army was the largest and most feared in Europe. »
« Partly in reaction to Protestantism, but also partly as an extension of pre-existing reform movements, the Catholic hierarchy introduced important changes in both practice (e.g., the colleges that trained priests) and culture (e.g., a new focus on the spiritual life of the common person) that did involve significant reforms. »
« Not only did the papacy set a bad example, but attempts to reform the lifestyle and relative piety of priests generally failed; the papacy was simply too far removed from the everyday life of the priesthood throughout Europe, and since the elite ecclesiastics were all nobles, they generally continued to live like nobles. »
« Within the Church, there were widespread and persistent calls for reform to better respond to the needs of the laity and to better meet the moral standards of the Church. »
« Also, only states had the resources to reform entire institutions, replacing seminaries, universities, libraries, etc. with new material in the case of Protestant states. This required an even closer relationship between church and state. »

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