Sentences with 'reforming'

Example sentences and phrases with the word reforming and other words derived from it.

« However, despite this reforming zeal within the Church and the growing popularity of lay movements outside it, hardly anyone foresaw a permanent break with the Church hierarchy itself. »
« In 1793, a reforming Sultan Selim III created a 'New Force' of soldiers trained in European tactics and using modern firearms, but it was not until 1826 that the janissaries were completely eliminated (they were massacred by members of the New Force under the next Sultan, Mahmud II). »
« Simultaneously, Gorbachev introduced perestroika, meaning "restructuring". This programme was aimed at reforming the economy, above all by modernising industry and allowing limited market exchange. »
« From merely reforming the structures of Soviet society, "glasnost", in particular, gave way to open calls for Marxism-Leninism to be abandoned as official state doctrine, for truly free and democratic elections to be held, and for national minorities to assert their independence. »

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