6 sentences with 'achieved'

Example sentences and phrases with the word achieved and other words derived from it.

« During 1911 and 1912, the production of 78440 Model T cars had been achieved with the labor of 6867 individuals. »
« By adhering to these precepts, good nutrition and better health will be achieved. »
« As you could see at the beginning of the article, this is achieved with a very loud high-pitched sound - it doesn't have to be an ultrasound - in which case the odd moth risks ending its escape in a martini glass; but as one drunk said, there are worse deaths. »
« This can be achieved even without reaching orgasm. »
« An empire of the size the Persians achieved posed serious logistical challenges. »
« Rome achieved remarkable things, but it did so through appalling cruelty and staggering levels of violence. »

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