8 sentences with 'achievements'

Example sentences and phrases with the word achievements and other words derived from it.

« Queen Victoria awarded Dr. Victor Horsley a knighthood in recognition of his achievements in the field of neurosurgery. »
« Their achievements offer lessons that many Latin American cities could apply. »
« During the Middle Ages, another concept of what was at the heart of Western civilisation emerged, especially among Europeans. It was not only the connection with Roman and Greek achievements, but also with religion. »
« Along the way, of course, they included the United States as a product of those European achievements and, in the twentieth century, as one of the strongest defenders of that legacy. »
« And, as the Epic of Gilgamesh demonstrates, ancient peoples were well aware that no matter how great a person's achievements during his or her lifetime, he or she would inevitably die. »
« Along with literature, the other great written achievements of the Mesopotamians were their systems of law. »
« However, Phoenician trade was not the most important legacy of their society. Instead, of their various achievements, none was to have a more lasting influence than their writing system. »
« 479 BC was the end of the Persian war and the beginning of Greece's "classical age", the period during which the Greeks exhibited the most remarkable flowering of their ideas and achievements, as well as perhaps their most selfish and misguided political blunders in the form of a costly and ultimately futile war between Sparta and Athens: the Peloponnesian War. »

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