6 sentences with 'magnet'

Example sentences and phrases with the word magnet and other words derived from it.

« Until then, the magnet assembler had worked at a bench, using a full range of magnets, screws and clamps, and managed to assemble about 40 complete magnets in the nine hours of daily work. »
« With the old system, it took about 20 minutes to produce a magnet. »
« But Hollywood still didn't consider the young actress to be enough of a box-office magnet. »
« The magnetic bulb will protrude from the device; it is the part that must be in contact with the magnet that will be attached to the door or window. It is sufficient to place the bulb at a certain distance from the magnet - about 1 cm - to keep it disconnected. »
« The magnetic field generated by the magnet will keep the alarm off and when the magnet moves away - by opening the door or window - the alarm will start to sound. »
« Philadelphia also acted as a magnet for immigrants, who came not only from England but from all over Europe by the hundreds of thousands. »

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