6 sentences with 'magnificent'

Example sentences and phrases with the word magnificent and other words derived from it.

« It was a magnificent and memorable victory, well deserved. »
« The Minoans were an important seafaring civilisation based on the island of Crete. They created huge palace complexes, magnificent works of art and great wealth. »
« Ptolemy had been a close friend and trusted general of Alexander, and he brought Alexander's body to Egypt and buried it in a magnificent tomb in Alexandria, thus asserting a direct connection between his regime and Alexander himself. In the end, the Ptolemies were the most enduring of the Hellenistic dynasties. »
« The next morning, on the flight back to Sydney, I reflect on the magnificent harvest I have been privileged to observe. »
« A good day at the beach was synonymous with a magnificent haul of cockles, wedge-shells and clams. »
« Those weeks seemed magnificent, almost fantastic. »

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